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The Hidden Galleries and Passages of Paris

What a fabulous day I had exploring new territories and finding hidden gems. There are many covered walkways or passages in Paris that allowed the gentry to shop even when it was raining.
First I found Galleries Vivienne in Bourse. A beautiful arcade with high end boutiques and cafes. I was enticed to have lunch and quietly sit and people watch for an hour or so...
P1020868.jpg P1020863.jpg

After that I ventured in search of another recommended arcade called Passage des Panoramas. Once again a beautiful piece of history filled with quirky shops and restaurants, great book stores and toy shops filled to the brim with every play thing a child could ever wish for!
P1020870.jpg P1020871.jpg

I knew there were other passages close by but I didn't really know where they were but to my delight one passage ends and over the road another begins...
Passages des Panoramas was affluent and delightful...
Passage Jouffroy was still enticing but with much more affordable shops and slightly less elegant appearance...
Passage Verdeau was much less pleasant, darker and had an industrial feel to it.
P1020881.jpg P1020897.jpg
As you cross the streets you can certainly feel when you have moved away from the trendy areas. All in the same block and only separated by a few streets but the change in mood it creates is quite uncomfortable!

On a brighter note...while I was wandering I ran into a parade!! As I left Passage des Panoramas to cross over to Passage Jouffroy and I saw loads of people waiting outside a building next door. There were police hovering around and I couldn't work out what was happening. I asked a small group of onlookers who explained that the building was a school for 3-6year olds and it was Parade Day! The children had been preparing costumes for weeks and the streets are closed off to allow them to walk around the block to the Mayors offices for a party. The music started and confetti began to fall like snow from the windows above and the children began to stream out through the doors to their very excited families.
P1020883.jpg P1020886.jpg
P1020888.jpg P1020889.jpg
P1020891.jpg P1020893.jpg

One minute I was surrounded and before I knew it the drums were fading as they disappeared around the corner and all that was left was distant laughter and a pavement covered in colourful confetti!!

I headed back to the designer strip along St Honore and wandered slowly back home having had a lovely day full of wonderful new experiences!

My last day before heading to London I lunched at one of my favourite places...the top of the Printemps store...with the beautiful domed roof and the best Crème Brulee ever!!

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Lazy days in the Marais...

Amazing weather...beautiful sunshine and walks through Paris...life is good!

Place des Vosges - just as delightful as ever. Filled with families, tourists and laughing children enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Easter is on its way and all the chocolatiers are getting ready. Windows filling with amazing creations including one just for Emma!
P1020851.jpg P1020853.jpg

The markets are overflowing with beautiful spring produce, including the sweetest strawberries.

Printemps - Supporting creative arts with a Contemporary Art Exhibition called "Pop The Bag". Beautifully crafted works that provide an artistic vision of the handbag through pop art. Delightful...
P1020857.jpg P1020855.jpg
P1020858.jpg P1020859.jpg

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Paris weaves its magic yet again...

My little studio is still as comfortable as I remember it...2 years ago I was here and the bed is still as comfortable as it was before!
After a long flight I managed to stay awake till about 8pm before I finally crashed and got a good 9 hours sleep.

I was excited to head out and explore to see if I could remember my way around...it took a little while but then things began to look familiar and now it just feels like I am back home!!

I spent a day exploring my surrounds and walking...walking...walking.

The weather was glorious. The chocolatiers all have amazing Easter treats in their windows and of course the coffee is strong and the croissants are delicious!!

I sat in small cafes watching the world go by listening to French conversations and attempting to decipher French menus and just enjoying the sunshine in Paris!

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And so it all begins...

A late flight to Paris via Dubai was the start after a final busy day at school getting everything done.

I arrived at the airport in plenty of time looking forward to relaxing at the gate wih my book...but alas this was not to be to beginning I had imagined!!

I arrived at the gate to a sea of teenagers..170 of them to be exact!

Perth Modern Yr 10,11and 12 music students plus teachers and chaperones heading to Europe for a 3 week tour. At first I thought I was being punished for taking an extra couple of days holiday...but other than them taking up lots of seats and space they were extremely well behaved and utterly delightful!

When I finally got on board I discovered that YES I did have an exit row seat...extra leg room for the 11 hour flight to Dubai. I scored again when the woman next to us, an employee of the airline got upgraded...(that would have been better!!) but on the bright side I had a spare seat next to me the whole way and managed 2 movies and 5 hours sleep! That's about as good as it can get without a business class seat!

The plane even arrived an hour early as we didn't have to endlessly circle waiting to land and 1 hour less on a plane is a good thing. I then stretched my legs wandering around the huge airport perusing all the goodies on offer.

Now another 7 hours to Paris and hopefully another exit row if all goes to plan!!

Dubai to Paris

Another exit row was mine for the final leg to Paris...however it was also occupied by a family with a very tired toddler!
I felt for the parents after a couple of hours chasing him around the plane and trying to gauge what the cry was for ... food...water...sleep???
They looked exhausted by the time we arrived and a few passengers looked very unhappy with them. BUT as any of you know who have travelled with little ones it is a daunting experience for everyone!!!

I arrived relatively unscathed but a little weary, found my bags, called my shuttle and headed to the Marais...

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